Climbing Essentials: My First Gear Kit

Item Date Cost (czk)
Ocún Twist Quattro 22 Oct 2022 1247
La Sportiva Tarantula 05 Nov 2022 1833
Petzl GriGri 2019 05 Nov 2022 1877
Singing Rock Hector Triple 05 Nov 2022 352
Beal Karma 9,8mm 60m 05 Nov 2022 2587
Black Diamond Mojo Chalk Bag 08 Nov 2022 319
Simond Belaying Gloves 8249782 03 Dec 2022 599
Simond Goliath HMS Screwgate + BLC Carabiner 12 Dec 2022 289
Simond Rocky M Carabiner 12 Dec 2022 149

After a few weeks of climbing I realized that I cannot stop doing it. At this point I decided to buy my personal equipment.

I chose good staff in general. However some pieces didn’t work well together. For example the carabiner and the belaying device.

I am not an experienced climber and I didn’t have an experienced partner. So, instead of a tubular device I bought GriGri. In addition to being unexperienced I am also lazy. This is the reason why I bought Singing Rock Hector Triple with triple lock system that auto locks on closure. This feature allows you to skip one step of partner check.

But sometimes in the process of belaying I faced situations when GriGri moved to the side of the carabiner and got stuck there. As result it was not possible to easily move it back when a climber was sitting. So the carabiner was cross-loaded.

Because of that I decided to try Simond Rocky M Carabiner.

And then after a few months I had chance to join an outdoor climbing trip. So it was time to prepare for it and buy more equipment.

Item Date Cost (czk)
Beal Zenith 9,5mm 80m 21 Mar 2023 3679
BLACK DIAMOND HOTWIRE QUICKPACK 12 CM 6pc 23 Mar 2023 1641 x 3
OCÚN O-SLING DYN 11 120CM 23 Mar 2023 226
Ocún Eagle HMS Screw 23 Mar 2023 284
Mammut CRAG SENDER HELMET 23 Mar 2023 1699
Rock Empire Maillon O 23 Mar 2023 151 x 2
Alpenverein Austria Membership 24 Mar 2023 66eur
La Sportiva Tarantula 26 Apr 2023 1917
Český kras 2022 guidebook 27 Apr 2023 744
Singing Rock backpack Rocking 40 09 May 2023 2659
Petzl Actik 2022 11 May 2023 1048
OCÚN O-SLING DYN 11 80 CM 18 May 2023 12eur
OCÚN Hawk Screw 3-pack 18 May 2023 40eur